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We believe the stories of the ancient world belong to everyone.

Education and Outreach

Our founders all knew first hand how studying classical & historical subjects at school can broaden horizons and help make sense of modern society. Since our foundation the company has been committed to supporting the study of the ancient world wherever it is being taught.

We also believe that theatre can bring the ancient past to life in ways a classroom cannot, so we developed our educational outreach programme. We can now offer workshops, talks, and even performances of our latest productions tailored to needs of your school, college or society.

If you are interested in arranging for the company to visit you, or for more information, please contact us here (or by emailing fittheatrecompany@gmail.com) and quote “Outreach Request” in the subject of your message.



As part of our outreach project we're able to offer a number of workshops, each that can be tailored to suit.

Old Comedy Crash Course

Our fun introduction to the absurd world of Aristophanes, with a focus on Frogs. Recommended for students of Classical Civilisation at A-Level.

Exploring Antigone

Bringing Greek Tragedy to life with Sophocles’ Antigone. Uses a blend of adaptation and original language, ideal for students of ancient drama.


The workshop was very well-planned, with a good range of activities that appealed to all students. The workshop leads were flexible and responsive, adapting the activities to the students' needs. The workshop was fun but also clearly focused on developing the students' knowledge and understanding of comedy and the performance conditions. We would be keen to book further workshops in the future.

 St. Marylebone CE School



Bespoke, tailored workshops for your needs

We never seek to profit from educational programmes and are committed to making our outreach work as accessible as possible.

That’s why we aim be more affordable per hour & participant than many other more established groups doing work like ours. In fact, we've decided FIT Theatre will only ever charge you what a visit costs us.

For example, to deliver a standard two hour workshop for about 20 participants typically costs us £195 plus travel expenses - so that’s the fee. For larger groups or longer sessions the cost might increase, but only when absolutely necessary, and we can often offer reductions for smaller class sizes.

Ultimately, we're always willing to discuss what we can achieve within your budget, so don't be put off by prices and please reach out whatever your circumstances.