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Our Collaborators and Friends

Working Together


Collaborative Charity

The Iris Project is an educational charity introducing the languages and culture of the ancient world to UK state schools in order to enrich the curriculum. It was founded in the belief that the opportunity to learn about Classical languages, literature, histories and art should be made available to all, regardless of background, and that learning about these fascinating subjects can be a vital tool in promoting learning across the school curriculum in UK state schools. They run a wide range of initiatives in state schools across the country, focusing especially on children in socially excluded inner city regions, and also run projects which introduce Classics to adults in city communities.

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Charity Theatre

The Blue Elephant Theatre is an independent theatre in Camberwell, South London.
They are an exciting fringe theatre with an eclectic programme of new work across the performing arts, from physical and dance theatre to new writing and revamped classics.
The team at Blue Elephant Theatre work hard to support new and emerging artists, especially those based in Southwark and South London, and offer a professional programme of work to as wide an audience as possible.



The Hellenic Society has generously provided a grant to Found In Translation Theatre Company for the reworking of Cassandra

For almost a century and a half the Hellenic Society has been the leading organization for the study of Greece with an international membership across all ages and walks of life. It maintains a world class library and publishes internationally acclaimed journals in the field.


Our Mentors

Found In Translation are participants in Mercury Creatives, a cultural development project funded by the ERDF. As part of that programme we are lucky enough to be mentored by the Paper Birds team, for which we're very grateful!

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Consultant Partners

Autism Anglia is an independent charity that provides care and support to autistic children, adults, and their families in East Anglia. Services in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, offer personalised approaches that provide each individual with the necessary skills and strategies to enable them to realise their own strengths and abilities.

The charity also seeks to promote greater knowledge and understanding of autism through training, education, and supplying information to the public and professionals. 


They've consulted with us on Bring Back Chainmail and on how we increase access to theatre spaces. 

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