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Bring Back Chainmail

Touring Autumn 2022

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Written by Rose Goodbody and based on Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, Cassandra takes us on a very personal journey through some of the struggles many women face in their lives; the choice between what’s expected of them and how they feel. Touching on the themes of #metoo and #timesup, Cassandra is an exploration of giving a voiceless woman an audience.


Leave. To Remain (An Aristophanic Brexit Tale)

In a post-Article 50 alt-reality Britain is going to the dogs. Government has outsourced democracy to a tv voting show, pizza has been banned for its foreign origins and a visa to France now costs 30 Euros (£300). Eventually one man has enough and decides to rejoin the EU independently. But with anti-European inspectors, a chorus of nationalists and Ol' Nige out to get him, how will Dick fare?

Based on 'The Acharnians' by Aristophanes

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Our Shows: Performances
Our Shows: Performances
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I Wanted To Ask

With our Blue Elephant Theatre Residency we R&D'd a new production. Written by Lyna Dubarry & Lou Stassen 



We performed a short excerpt of Aristophanes’ Frogs as special guests at a schools drama festival run by the Iris Project, an educational charity promoting the study of the ancient world in British state schools.

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