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We believe the stories of the ancient world belong to everyone.

Our founders all knew first hand how engaging with our ancient past at school can broaden horizons and help make sense of modern society. We also believe that theatre can bring the ancient world to life in ways a classroom cannot, so we developed our educational outreach programme.

We now offer workshops and online resources to support the study of drama and the ancient world wherever it is being taught. You can find out how to access these below!


Plus, we regularly collaborate with educational organisations on other creative projects, so if you are interested in inviting us to deliver a talk or develop a performance, please contact us here and quote “Collaboration Request” in the subject of your message.

Outreach: About


As part of our outreach project we're able to offer a number of workshops, each that can be tailored to suit your school, college or society.

FIT Theatre Resources

With our outreach workshops shut down for a while we wanted to keep on supporting any teachers of ancient drama with ideas to keep their students engaged during this strange time. So we’re launching FIT Theatre Resources, activities you can do from home or in a (socially distanced) classroom, to help bring classical theatre alive today.

Outreach: Welcome
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