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Announcing our new Greek Theatre workshops

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Found In Translation is pleased to announce we are now offering two brand new workshops to be delivered in schools and colleges from January 2019. Developed by our team of creative practitioners in close consultation with experienced classics teachers, these fresh workshops are designed to bring the ancient world to life with theatre magic.

The first is our Old Comedy Crash Course, a fun introduction to the absurd world of Aristophanes. The mix of silliness and satire in Greek Comedy can be hard to navigate, so we’re using our adaptation expertise to untangle the confusion so your students can see Aristophanes’ funny side. Plus, with a focus on Frogs, this workshop is ideal for any students of the Greek Theatre module of the OCR Classical Civilisation A Level.

Second, we have Exploring Antigone, where we examine the power of Greek Tragedy through Sophocles’ famous play. There is even the option of engaging with some original language, especially helpful for anyone studying the play for a course in Classical Greek. We also recommend it for Drama students who want to learn how adaptation can make ancient ideas speak to modern audiences.

While these workshops were designed with current qualifications in classical subjects at Key Stage 4 & 5 particularly in mind, we never want to limit their potential reach. So, whether offering a first taste of Greek theatre or helping a class revise a set text, each workshop can be tailored to suit your needs.

We never seek to profit from educational programmes and are committed to making our outreach work as accessible as possible. That’s why we aim be more affordable per hour & participant than many other more established groups doing work like ours.

In fact, we've decided FIT Theatre will only ever charge you what a visit costs us. For example, to deliver a standard two hour workshop for about 20 participants typically costs us £175 plus travel expenses - so that’s the fee. For larger groups or longer sessions the cost might increase, but only when absolutely necessary, and we can often offer reductions for smaller class sizes. Ultimately, we're always willing to discuss what we can achieve within your budget, so don't be put off by prices and please reach out whatever your circumstances

If you’re interested in having a dedicated team of FIT Theatre practitioners visit you to deliver a workshop, or for more information, please contact us via our contact page (or by emailing and quote “Outreach Request” in the subject of your message.

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